Welcome to Tobacco Pine, LLC

Tobacco and Pine; a marriage made in heaven, when it comes to wood. Seasoned for decades, the pine takes on a deep golden honey color that is extremely hard to duplicate by artificial means. The perfect wood flooring or wall covering. Add some history to your home, today. 

We offer a huge selection of Second Generation Reclaimed Heart Pine. The warehouse space that is available was originally constructed of this Second Generation Heart Pine, which means the original construction used Pine Timbers cut from Second Growth Trees. The rings in Second Generation, or Second Growth are very tight, and when reclaimed, this wood is both sturdy and beautiful. We have harvested Second Generation Heart Pine Beams, Posts and Decking, and have the ability to mill any type of product our customers need. 

Our Customers are welcome to visit our Saw Mill, Timber Sites or available warehouse space any time. Our office staff are always willing and happy to discuss the meaning of Second Generation Reclaimed Heart Pine, it's history and definition. They are also more than happy to talk about the history of our facility and tour our Warehouse Space that is available.

Thank You for visiting our website and we look forward to hearing from you.